Natural Ways to Overcome Excessive Sweating

Sweat occurs when your body heat is too high and your body needs water to cool it down. hiperidrose Drinking plenty of cold water throughout the day helps regulate body temperature so as not to get too high, thus preventing the need for sweating. This can help you to overcome the problem of hiperidrose naturally. In addition, drinking lots of water allows the toxins out of the body through the urine, which if you do not drink then the toxins will come out as sweat from the skin. Toxins are removed from the skin will mix with sweat and produce odor. Therefore, drinking lots of water can improve the smell of sweat.

In addition, you can consume sage tea. Few know that sage tea is a herbal remedy that is believed to prevent too many sweat-producing glands. Simply boil a handful of fresh or dried sage leaves in a pot of water. After boiling, strain the water and let it cool slightly before drinking. You may be able to find sage tea at drug and food stores, but tea is very easy to make yourself at home. Drink one or two cups a day.